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Garnier Micellar Rose Water Cleanse & Glow 400ml


If you are looking for an effective, gentle and easy to use cleanser and makeup remover that can also reveal your skin’s glow, try Garnier Micellar Rose Water Cleanse & Glow. In just one step, remove make-up, impurities & dirt while brightening dull and sensitive skin. Recognised by the British Skin Foundation.




HOW DOES IT WORK? This All-in-One cleanser is enriched with: • Micelles: cleansing agents that capture make-up, impurities and dirt like a magnet & lift them away from skin. The gentle formula effectively cleanses, without leaving skin dry. • Rose Water: known for its brightening properties, infused into a formula with an irresistible scent to boost your skin’s glow.

THE RESULT: Perfectly cleansed skin, without rubbing or rinsing, to recharge your radiance for a healthy glow.

• Garnier Micellar Rose Water Cleanse & Glow – the gentle and effective way to cleanse your skin & remove makeup in 1 cotton pad
• Unique Micellar technology collects dirt, impurities and make-up like a magnet to leave skin cleansed
• This Garnier Micellar Water is designed for dull & sensitive skin
• Enriched with Rose Water known for it’s brightening properties
• Micellar Rose gently removes make-up, whilst leaving skin with a visible glow
• Result – skin is left radiant and glowing
• Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested

How to use

Simply apply the product to a cotton pad and wipe the face, eyes and lips. No rinsing required.


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